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Sahiyar was established in 1984 and works towards women’s empowerment, social justice and children’s rights.
Project: Maari Shodh Yatra (My Search) started with students from class 7 and is now expanding to students from classes 6-7-8. Sahiyar worked with about 2000 students from government primary schools of Vadodara located in the most poor and communally sensitive areas. Activists along with student volunteers work for one day per week with students in focused 2 hour sessions in order to build the confidence of the students, to learn about the issues and people that affect their everyday life, understand the serious problems and injustices in the society and become active to solve those problems. Last year Sahiyar worked with 1944 children (970 Boys and 974 Girls) and in 11 schools. All the sessions are participatory in nature and they include songs, stories, pictures on various themes and also include games from ‘Play for Peace’ i.e. games that promote cooperation among the players.

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