AID works in India and we focus on the poor and oppressed in villages and cities of India. It was started by a few Indian graduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park. It started basically as a reaction against people’s tendency to “just talk about helping India” but do nothing about it.

The AID mission leads to two connected but distinct directions :

1. All our village work should aim at inspiring confidence and developing capabilities in people.

2. All our volunteers should see how best they can help. We should be able to tap every half-hour that anyone anywhere wants to spend on these issues.

AID Dallas was originally formed in 1998. Currently, our team consists of about 10 active volunteers and nearly 50 event volunteers. Our volunteers work on fundraising ideas, help review project proposals, initiate and provide support for projects, review and monitor progress of projects, campaigns and other activities of AID. Volunteers also have the option to visit project areas during their trip to India and share their experience of AID’s work in villages with the NRI community. We also provide volunteer opportunities with our partner organizations to interested volunteers.