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Sahiyar Gujarat Community Empowerment Sahiyar works with the urban poor especially adolescent girls and builds capacity and self-confidence.
Thamate Karnataka Eradication of Manual Scavenging Thamate works on issues affecting manual scavengers including identification, rehabilitation, alternative employment and education.
Janpath Gujarat Rural Empowerment Janpath works with salt pan workers in the Little Rann of Kutch to make the transition to solar pumps.
Himdhara Himachal Pradesh Environment Himdhara works on community engagement and environmental issues in ecologically sensitive regions.
Jan Swasthya Sahyog Chhattisgarh Health care JSS works on a three tiered community healthcare model with Village health workers as the first responders.
Jharkhand Vikas Parishad (JVP)  Jharkhand Community Empowerment JVP works in remote villages of Jharkhand on a range of community empowerment issues – from women’s empowerment to education to community health through mobilization.
 Sanghamithra Service Society (SSS) Andhra Pradesh Eradication of Manual Scavenging SSS works with the children of manual scavengers to accelerate and strengthen their early education foundations.
Vishwagram  Gujarat  Health and Nutritions This project supported the construction for a home for homeless children who have been abandoned and mistreated.
Mozda Collective  Gujarat  Soil & Water Conservation Soil & Water conservation enabled by Food for Work.  bund building projects.
Goonj Flood Relief  Bihar  Flood relief work Immediate flood relief work in an estimated 150 households
Bhasha  Gujarat  Livelihood Counting, training, mentoring and resettling(CTMR) of the Dispossessed Solicitors (beggars) in the city of Baroda.
Mozda Solar Cooker Training  Gujarat  Rural Empowerment Training for building energy efficient solar cooker
SPS (Samaj Parivarantan Samudaya)  Karnataka  Rural Empowerment Intensive grassroots work in a group of three villages in Harapanahalli Taluk through Gram Ganarajya Vedike(GGV
Navchethana Kerala Tribal livelihood generation Development of a co-operative to help with livelihood for tribal population
 Venu Madhuri Trust  Maharashtra  Watershed Development Implementation of a pipeline project and Watershed management. Training of villagers in watershed program in Pune.
 VMT Bio Gas  Maharashtra  Alternate Energy Installation of 75 Gobar gas units and 150 fuel efficient wood stoves for families in the village, that will be manufactured locally after a scientific training to a local person
Tsunami Middle School Tamil Nadu Health and Microcredit Improve the quality of education provided by the middle schools in the region.
DOVE-Village Development Tamil Nadu Health and Training Awareness creation on Rural Sanitation and Promoting Kitchen gardens
Parijat Academy Assam Education Support for mosquito nets, tube well construction and classroom infrastructure for a poor, rural community school